• 13:46 – Краткий автомобильный справочник 
  • 13:16 – Ремонт автомобилей 
  • 13:09 – 3 в 1. Все, что нужно для сдачи экзамена в ГИБДД: ПДД, билеты, вождение (новая редакция 2013 г.), Алексей Громаковский 
  • 12:55 – Обязательное страхование гражданской ответственности владельцев транспортных средств, П. В. Сокол 

Systems Engineering and Analysis (5th Edition), Benjamin S. Blanchard, Wolter J. Fabrycky

  • 07 декабрь 2018, 19:45
  • 0
This practical introduction to systems engineering and analysis provides the concepts, methodologies, models, and tools needed to understand and implement a total life-cycle approach to systems and their analysis.

Human Molecular Genetics (3rd Edition) (Cell and Molecular Biology in Action), Peter Sudbery

  • 07 декабрь 2018, 17:30
  • 0
This third edition of Human Molecular Genetics continues to provide a clear introduction to this complex and fast moving field. Now updated and revised throughout, the material covered has been carefully selected and structured to provide a concise overview for students studying the subject as part of a general biology, genetics or medical degree.

Tutorium Analysis 1 und Lineare Algebra 1: Mathematik von Studenten fur Studenten erklart und kommentiert (German Edition), Florian Modler, Martin Kreh

  • 07 декабрь 2018, 13:43
  • 0
Dieses Buch soll Ihnen als Mathematik-Erstsemester den Einstieg und Umstieg von der Schulmathematik in die Hochschulmathematik erleichtern und Ihnen somit helfen, viele der ublichen Erstsemester-Fehler zu vermeiden.

Urban Growth, Population Change and Slum Conditions of Dire Dawa City: GIS and Remote Sensing Based Analysis, Elias Kebede

  • 07 декабрь 2018, 12:41
  • 0
The main focus of this book is to understand urban growth with population change and slum conditions of Dire Dawa city using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques .The data sources are master plan of the city for the year 1938, Aerial photographs for two periods (1966, 1996) with QuickBird image for 2008, which can be used to recognize urban area

Resourcing Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: A Financial Growth Life Cycle Approach (Contributions to Management Science), Ciaran Mac an Bhaird

  • 06 декабрь 2018, 19:36
  • 0
In a world of increasing financial uncertainty and growing unemployment, the macroeconomic contribution of SMEs is more important than ever. Development of a vibrant, sustainable small firm sector is dependent on sufficient resourcing of SMEs, particularly adequate capitalisation.

Fuzzy Mathematics: Approximation Theory (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing), George A. Anastassiou

  • 06 декабрь 2018, 16:57
  • 0
This monograph belongs to the broader area of Fuzzy Mathematics and it is the first one in Fuzzy Approximation Theory. The chapters are self-contained with lots of applications to teach several advanced courses and the topics covered are very diverse.

Optimal Models and Methods with Fuzzy Quantities (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing), Bing-Yuan Cao

  • 06 декабрь 2018, 14:37
  • 0
The book contains ten chapters as follows, Prepare Knowledge, Regression and Self-regression Models with Fuzzy Coefficients; Regression and Self-regression Models with Fuzzy Variables, Fuzzy Input/output Model, Fuzzy Cluster Analysis and Fuzzy Recognition, Fuzzy Linear Programming, Fuzzy Geometric Programming, Fuzzy Relative Equation and Its

Fuzzy Logic-Based Algorithms for Video De-Interlacing (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing), Piedad Brox, Iluminada Castillo, Santiago Sanchez Solano

  • 06 декабрь 2018, 11:22
  • 0
This book is organized in five chapters. In Chapter 1, some basic concepts are explained to completely understand the contribution of the algorithms developed in this research work.

Option Prices as Probabilities: A New Look at Generalized Black-Scholes Formulae (Springer Finance), Cristophe Profeta, Bernard Roynette, Marc Yor

  • 06 декабрь 2018, 10:15
  • 0
The Black-Scholes formula plays a central role in Mathematical Finance; it gives the right price at which buyer and seller can agree with, in the geometric Brownian framework, when strike K and maturity T are given.

DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW (Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing), Forester W. Isen

  • 05 декабрь 2018, 18:13
  • 0
DSP for MATLAB™and LabVIEW™ covers basic digital signal processing in a practical and accessible manner, and, as it includes all essential foundation mathematics as well, is suitable for both academic and professional use.As the title of the book implies, the scripts given in the text and supplied in a downloadable .zip file (available via the

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